Working with EMMO using OSP-core

Follow these steps to use EMMO with OSP-core.

  1. Clone the repo of EMMO:

    git clone
    cd EMMO
  2. Checkout the branch of choice:

    git checkout <branch_name>
  3. Start Protege 5.2.0 with installed FaCT++ reasoner plugin

  4. Open EMMO. For example open (File > Open…) the following file:

    • emmo/emmo_all.owl
  5. Run the FaCT++ reasoner (Reasoner > FaCT++ | Reasoner > Start Reasoner)

  6. Export the inferred Axioms (File > Export inferred axioms as ontology)

  7. Convert the resulting owl file to YAML:

    owl2yml -n EMMO emmo_inferred.owl -c osp/core/tools/conversion_options/emmo.conversion_options.yml
  8. Install the resulting YAML file:

    pico install ontology.emmo.yml
  9. Start creating cuds objects. Check the getting-started repository in the SimPhoNy group.

    >>> from osp.core import emmo
    >>> n = emmo.Number(value=1)
    >>> ...