Welcome to the SimPhoNy documentation!#

The SimPhoNy Open Simulation Platform is a framework that aims to achieve interoperability between software such as simulation engines, databases and data repositories using a knowledge graph as the common language. It is focused on the domain of materials science.

SimPhoNy enables:

  • Visualization and exploration of OWL ontologies and RDFS Vocabularies

  • Wrappers: interfaces between ontologies and software products or digital objects

  • Manipulation of ontology-based data: work with ontology individuals, transfer them among different software products using the wrappers, and query the knowledge graph

Getting Started

Overview, installation guide and quickstart

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Usage Guide

Core functionalities, wrappers and advanced utilities

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API Reference

Python API of CUDS, the Session classes, and other utilities

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Developer’s documentation

Wrapper development, SimPhoNy operations

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Additional Information

License, acknowledgements, data protection, contact info and more

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