Included ontologies

The City ontology

OSP-core currently ships with two ontologies. The first one, called city is a simple example ontology. You can use it to play around and get familiar with OSP-core. We will also use it a lot in this documentation as an example.

The city ontology provides the concepts to describe people and buildings in a city. In this graph we show the different entities in the ontology. We used Ontology2Dot for that:

ontology2dot sample image

To use the city ontology you have to install it using the tool Pico:

pico install city

Take a look at our examples to see how you can build your own city!

Working with EMMO

The second ontology that is ready to be used out of the box is the Elementary Multiperspective Material Ontology, or EMMO in short. For a short introduction, see the fundamentals.

You can install EMMO using Pico.

pico install emmo

Start creating cuds objects:

>>> from osp.core.namespaces import math
>>> math.Numerical.attributes
{<OntologyAttribute math.hasNumericalData>: None}
>>> x = math.Numerical(hasNumericalData=12)
>>> x
<math.Numerical: c11cc272-cdcf-421a-8838-5f177b065746,  CoreSession: @0x7f1987173190>
>>> x.hasNumericalData

More ontologies

To create you own or use an existing ontology, see the upcoming sections. Contact us, if you want your ontology to be shipped with SimPhoNy.