Source code for osp.core.ontology.oclass_restriction

"""Restrictions on on ontology classes."""

from enum import Enum
import rdflib
import logging
from rdflib.term import BNode
from osp.core.ontology.attribute import OntologyAttribute
from osp.core.ontology.relationship import OntologyRelationship

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class QUANTIFIER(Enum):
    """The different quantifiers for restrictions."""
    SOME = 1
    ONLY = 2
    EXACTLY = 3
    MIN = 4
    MAX = 5
    VALUE = 6

class RTYPE(Enum):
    """The two types of restrictions."""

[docs]class Restriction(): """A class to represet restrictions on ontology classes.""" def __init__(self, bnode, namespace_registry): """Initialize the restriction class. Args: bnode (BNode): The blank node that represents the restriction. namespace_registry (NamespaceRegistry): The global namespace registry that contains all the OSP-core namespaces. """ self._bnode = bnode self._graph = namespace_registry._graph self._namespace_registry = namespace_registry self._cached_quantifier = None self._cached_property = None self._cached_target = None self._cached_type = None def __str__(self): """Transform to string.""" return " ".join(map(str, (self._property, self.quantifier, @property def quantifier(self): """Get the quantifier of the restriction. Returns: QUANTIFIER: The quantifier of the restriction. """ if self._cached_quantifier is None: self._compute_target() return self._cached_quantifier @property def target(self): """The target ontology class or datatype. Returns: Union[OntologyClass, UriRef]: The target class or datatype. """ if self._cached_target is None: self._compute_target() return self._cached_target @property def relationship(self): """The relationship the RELATIONSHIP_RESTRICTION acts on. Raises: AttributeError: Called on an ATTRIBUTE_RESTRICTION. Returns: OntologyRelationship: The relationship the restriction acts on. """ if self.rtype == RTYPE.ATTRIBUTE_RESTRICTION: raise AttributeError return self._property @property def attribute(self): """The attribute the restriction acts on. Only for ATTRIBUTE_RESTRICTIONs. Raises: AttributeError: self is a RELATIONSHIP_RESTRICTIONs. Returns: UriRef: The datatype of the attribute. """ if self.rtype == RTYPE.RELATIONSHIP_RESTRICTION: raise AttributeError return self._property @property def rtype(self): """Return the type of restriction. Whether the restriction acts on attributes or relationships. Returns: RTYPE: The type of restriction. """ if self._cached_type is None: self._compute_rtype() return self._cached_type @property def _property(self): """The relationship or attribute the restriction acts on. Returns: Union[OntologyRelationship, OntologyAttribute]: object of owl:onProperty predicate. """ if self._cached_property is None: self._compute_property() return self._cached_property def _compute_rtype(self): """Compute whether this restriction acts on rels or attrs.""" x = self._property if isinstance(x, OntologyRelationship): self._cached_type = RTYPE.RELATIONSHIP_RESTRICTION return True if isinstance(x, OntologyAttribute): self._cached_type = RTYPE.ATTRIBUTE_RESTRICTION return True def _compute_property(self): """Compute the object of the OWL:onProperty predicate.""" x = self._graph.value(self._bnode, rdflib.OWL.onProperty) if x and not isinstance(x, BNode): self._cached_property = self._namespace_registry.from_iri(x) return True def _compute_target(self): """Compute the target class or datatype.""" for rdflib_predicate, quantifier in [ (rdflib.OWL.someValuesFrom, QUANTIFIER.SOME), (rdflib.OWL.allValuesFrom, QUANTIFIER.ONLY), (rdflib.OWL.cardinality, QUANTIFIER.EXACTLY), (rdflib.OWL.minCardinality, QUANTIFIER.MIN), (rdflib.OWL.maxCardinality, QUANTIFIER.MAX), (rdflib.OWL.hasValue, QUANTIFIER.VALUE) ]: if self._check_quantifier(rdflib_predicate, quantifier): return True def _check_quantifier(self, rdflib_predicate, quantifier): """Check if the restriction uses given quantifier. The quantifier is given as rdflib predicate and python enum. """ x = self._graph.value(self._bnode, rdflib_predicate) if x: self._cached_quantifier = quantifier try: self._cached_target = ( self._namespace_registry.from_bnode(x) if isinstance(x, BNode) else self._namespace_registry.from_iri(x) ) except KeyError: self._cached_target = x return True
def get_restriction(bnode, namespace_registry): """Return the restriction object represented by given bnode (or None).""" r = Restriction(bnode, namespace_registry) if r.rtype and return r