Source code for osp.core.ontology.oclass_composition

"""This files defines composition of classes."""

import logging
from enum import Enum
from rdflib import OWL, BNode, RDF

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class OPERATOR(Enum):
    """Operators to connect different classes."""
    AND = 1  # owl:intersectionOf
    OR = 2  # owl:unionOf
    NOT = 3  # owl:complementOf

[docs]class Composition(): """Combine multiple classes using logical formulae.""" def __init__(self, bnode, namespace_registry): """Initialize the class composition.""" self._bnode = bnode self._graph = namespace_registry._graph self._namespace_registry = namespace_registry self._cached_operator = None self._cached_operands = None def __str__(self): """Transform to a Protege like string.""" s = f" {self.operator} ".join(map(str, self.operands)) if self.operator == OPERATOR.NOT: s = f"{self.operator} {s}" return f"({s})" @property def operator(self): """The operator that connects the different classes in the formula. Returns: OPERATOR: The operator Enum. """ if self._cached_operator is None: self._compute() return self._cached_operator @property def operands(self): """The individual classes the formula is composed of. Returns: Union[OntologyClass, Composition, Restriction]: The operands. """ if self._cached_operands is None: self._compute() return self._cached_operands def _compute(self): """Look up operator and operands in the graph.""" for rdflib_predicate, operator in [ (OWL.unionOf, OPERATOR.OR), (OWL.intersectionOf, OPERATOR.AND), (OWL.complementOf, OPERATOR.NOT) ]: if self._check_operator(rdflib_predicate, operator): return True def _check_operator(self, rdflib_predicate, operator): """Check if given operator is used and what the operands are.""" self._cached_operands = list() o = self._graph.value(self._bnode, rdflib_predicate) if operator == OPERATOR.NOT: self._add_operand(operator, o) return True x = self._graph.value(o, RDF.first) while x: self._add_operand(operator, x) o = self._graph.value(o, x = self._graph.value(o, RDF.first) return self._cached_operator is not None def _add_operand(self, operator, x): """Add a single operand to the list.""" self._cached_operator = operator try: self._cached_operands.append( self._namespace_registry.from_bnode(x) if isinstance(x, BNode) else self._namespace_registry.from_iri(x) ) except KeyError: pass
def get_composition(bnode, namespace_registry): """Return the restriction object represented by given bnode (or None).""" c = Composition(bnode, namespace_registry) if c.operands and c.operator: return c