Common Unified Base Attributes (CUBA) are a list of common keywords transcending across different scales, methods and modelling-engines. They provide a standard nomenclature for attributes (variables and parameters) in SimPhoNy.

More detailed information for each CUBA-keyword is provided in the following table.

Name Description Domain Key Number Shape Type
Id Universal unique id represented as a hex string size 32 [‘ATM’, ‘DEM’, ‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’, ‘SPH’, ‘VIS’] ID 0 [32] string
Name Naming of high-level objects (e.g. solver models) [‘ATM’, ‘DEM’, ‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’, ‘SPH’, ‘VIS’] NAME 1 [20] string
Position Position of a point or node or atom [‘ATM’, ‘DEM’, ‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’, ‘SPH’, ‘VIS’] POSITION 2 [3] double
Direction Geometric (more general than, e.g., velocity) could be used for spin [‘ATM’, ‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’, ‘VIS’] DIRECTION 3 [3] double
Status Status of a point or node [‘DEM’, ‘LBM’] STATUS 4 [1] integer
Label Label for a point or node [‘ATM’, ‘DEM’, ‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’, ‘VIS’] LABEL 5 [1] integer
MaterialId Material identification number [‘DEM’, ‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’, ‘SPH’] MATERIAL_ID 6 [1] integer
ChemicalSpecie Chemical Specie [‘ATM’, ‘VIS’] CHEMICAL_SPECIE 7 [20] string
MaterialType Material dimension and type [‘VIS’] MATERIAL_TYPE 8 [1] integer
ShapeCenter Geometrical center of the shape of the material [‘VIS’] SHAPE_CENTER 9 [3] double
ShapeLengthUC Length in units cells of the shape of the material [‘VIS’] SHAPE_LENGTH_UC 10 [3] double
ShapeLength Length in angstroms of the shape of the materials [‘VIS’] SHAPE_LENGTH 11 [3] double
ShapeRadius Radius for a spherical material [‘VIS’] SHAPE_RADIUS 12 [3] double
ShapeSide Side length for a hexagonal material [‘VIS’] SHAPE_SIDE 13 [3] double
CrystalStorage Additional information for visualization [‘VIS’] CRYSTAL_STORAGE 14 [20] string
NameUC Name of the unit cell of the component [‘ATM’, ‘VIS’] NAME_UC 15 [20] string
LatticeVectors Lattice vectors of unit cell of the component [‘ATM’, ‘VIS’] LATTICE_VECTORS 16 [3, 3] double
SymmetryLatticeVectors Symmetry Group [‘ATM’, ‘VIS’] SYMMETRY_LATTICE_VECTORS 17 [1] integer
Occupancy Occupancy of an atomic position [‘ATM’, ‘VIS’] OCCUPANCY 18 [1] double
BondLabel Unique ID of atoms [‘ATM’, ‘VIS’] BOND_LABEL 19 [20] string
BondType Type of label [‘ATM’, ‘VIS’] BOND_TYPE 20 [1] integer
Velocity Velocity of a point or node [‘ATM’, ‘DEM’, ‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’, ‘SPH’] VELOCITY 21 [3] double
Acceleration Acceleration of a point or node [‘ATM’, ‘DEM’, ‘LBM’, ‘SPH’] ACCELERATION 22 [3] double
NumberOfPoints Number of points or nodes [‘DEM’, ‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’, ‘SPH’] NUMBER_OF_POINTS 23 [1] integer
Radius Particle radius [‘DEM’, ‘SPH’] RADIUS 24 [1] double
Size For non-spherical particles [‘DEM’, ‘SPH’] SIZE 25 [1] double
Mass Particle mass [‘ATM’, ‘DEM’] MASS 26 [1] double
Volume Volume of a particle, cell, etc. [‘DEM’, ‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’, ‘SPH’, ‘VIS’] VOLUME 27 [1] double
AngularVelocity Angular velocity of a point or node [‘DEM’] ANGULAR_VELOCITY 28 [3] double
AngularAcceleration Angular acceleration of a point or node [‘DEM’] ANGULAR_ACCELERATION 29 [3] double
SimulationDomainDimensions Size of the simulation domain [‘DEM’, ‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’, ‘SPH’] SIMULATION_DOMAIN_DIMENSIONS 30 [3] double
SimulationDomainOrigin Offset for the simulation domain [‘DEM’, ‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’, ‘SPH’] SIMULATION_DOMAIN_ORIGIN 31 [3] double
DynamicViscosity Dynamic viscosity of fluid [‘DEM’, ‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’, ‘SPH’] DYNAMIC_VISCOSITY 32 [1] double
KinematicViscosity Kinematic viscosity of fluid [‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’] KINEMATIC_VISCOSITY 33 [1] double
DiffusionCoefficient Diffusion coefficient [‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’] DIFFUSION_COEFFICIENT 34 [1] double
ProbabilityCoefficient For stochastic processes (e.g. sorption) [‘DEM’, ‘LBM’] PROBABILITY_COEFFICIENT 35 [1] double
FrictionCoefficient Control particle friction [‘DEM’, ‘LBM’] FRICTION_COEFFICIENT 36 [1] double
ScalingCoefficient Coarsening or time-scale bridging [‘DEM’, ‘LBM’] SCALING_COEFFICIENT 37 [1] double
EquationOfStateCoefficient Equation of state for multiphase fluids [‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’, ‘SPH’] EQUATION_OF_STATE_COEFFICIENT 38 [1] double
ContanctAngle Wettability in multiphase flows [‘LBM’] CONTANCT_ANGLE 39 [1] double
Amphiphilicity Hydrophilic/-phile behaviour of a particle [‘DEM’] AMPHIPHILICITY 40 [1] double
PhaseInteractionStrength Strength of phase interactions on a particle [‘DEM’] PHASE_INTERACTION_STRENGTH 41 [1] double
HamakerConstant Van der Waals body-body interaction [‘DEM’] HAMAKER_CONSTANT 42 [1] double
ZetaPotential Coulomb interaction between particles [‘DEM’] ZETA_POTENTIAL 43 [1] double
IonValenceEffect Coulomb interaction between particles [‘DEM’] ION_VALENCE_EFFECT 44 [1] double
DebyeLength Electrostatic effects of particles in solution [‘DEM’] DEBYE_LENGTH 45 [1] double
SmoothingLength Half of kernel cut-off for all splines [‘SPH’] SMOOTHING_LENGTH 46 [1] double
LatticeSpacing Distance between adjacent lattice nodes [‘LBM’] LATTICE_SPACING 47 [1] double
TimeStep Length of a discrete time step [‘DEM’, ‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’] TIME_STEP 48 [1] double
NumberOfTimeSteps Number of discrete time steps [‘DEM’, ‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’] NUMBER_OF_TIME_STEPS 49 [1] double
Force Force [‘DEM’, ‘LBM’, ‘SPH’] FORCE 50 [3] double
Torque Torque [‘DEM’] TORQUE 51 [3] double
Density Density [‘DEM’, ‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’, ‘SPH’] DENSITY 52 [1] double
Concentration Concentration of a substance [‘ATM’, ‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’, ‘VIS’] CONCENTRATION 53 [1] double
Pressure Pressure [‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’, ‘SPH’] PRESSURE 54 [1] double
Temperature Temperature [‘DEM’, ‘FEM’, ‘FVM’, ‘LBM’, ‘SPH’] TEMPERATURE 55 [1] double
Distribution Single-particle distribution function [‘ATM’, ‘LBM’, ‘VIS’] DISTRIBUTION 56 [1] double
OrderParameter Phase field in multiphase flows [‘LBM’] ORDER_PARAMETER 57 [1] double
OriginalPosition Position at the beginning of the calculation [‘DEM’] ORIGINAL_POSITION 58 [3] double
DeltaDisplacement Displacement during the last time step [‘DEM’] DELTA_DISPLACEMENT 59 [3] double
ExternalAppliedForce Externally applied force (force fields, interactions, etc) [‘DEM’] EXTERNAL_APPLIED_FORCE 60 [3] double
EulerAngles Euler Angles [‘DEM’] EULER_ANGLES 61 [3] double
Sphericity Sphericity of the particle [‘DEM’] SPHERICITY 62 [1] double
YoungModulus Young Modulus [‘DEM’] YOUNG_MODULUS 63 [1] double
PoissonRatio Poisson Ratio [‘DEM’] POISSON_RATIO 64 [1] double
LnOfRestitutionCoefficient Natural Logarithm of the Restitution Coefficient [‘DEM’] LN_OF_RESTITUTION_COEFFICIENT 65 [1] double
RollingFriction Rolling Friction coefficient [‘DEM’] ROLLING_FRICTION 66 [1] double
VolumeFraction Volume fraction [‘FEM’, ‘FVM’] VOLUME_FRACTION 67 [1] double